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1. The system is not depth limited, it will work at depths of over 7,000 feet.

2. It's versatile, can capture oil and natural gas from wellhead blowouts, geologic fractures and even sunken ships. 

3. This patent pending technology can capture all of the spewing oil, at the source, deep on the sea floor before it disperses and causes massive damage.

4.  Eliminates the issue of methane hydrate clogging and the issue of gasification nearer the surface causing runaway airlift effect.

5.  Can be implemented in hours after barged to location, no need to wait until the environment has been ruined and the owner may have $ billions in losses.




The video above shows a suction dredge underwater in action.

It illustrates that it reverses what was seen in the BP Oil Spill.
 Instead of the water and non water material (oil/sand/natural gas or whatever)
billowing out of the ruptured wellhead a suction  dredge reverses the process,
the water and whenever else is in the water billows into the dredge nozzle.
 So if a suction dredge with about a 30 opening and sufficient velocity was put next
to the BP Oil Spill wellhead at its worse, all of the oil would have gone up the dredge tube,
just as all the sand and water that gets near the suction dredge nozzle in this video does.
 This video illustrates how all suction dredges work near the nozzle.
It is a commercial for a suction dredge manufacturer not associated with us.
 We make it available here so those that have not used a dredge can visualize
how a suction dredge sucks in everything near the nozzle.
 The inventor of the Oil Spill Recovery Dredge Invention, Dana Allen, has extensive suction
dredging experience, suction dredge design and suction dredge fabrication experience.


Contact Bill Span at 425.827.2431 or email


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You'll learn the background of Dana Allan, who's been granted 8 patents, is the former CEO of a public company and co-founder of


Oil Spill Solution Technology - Part One (mp3)

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The motivation for this invention is to prevent another DEEPWATER HORIZON type oil spill.



  Oil Spill Solution Technology - Part Two (mp3)

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HOW this invention works and WHY it will work.



Oil Spill Solution Technology - Part Three (mp3)

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How the methane hydrate clogging issue is solved and how the gasification airlift effect (Boyle's Law) powers this unique patent.


This is a universal solution for oil recovery from wellhead blowouts, sunken oil tankers and pipelines.

It can be proven with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software.

See drawing below from the Patent Application:


Contact Bill Span at 425.827.2431 or email